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We Fight For Justice To Give You Peace Of Mind.

Our Promise To You

We understand that looking for a lawyer can be stressful and attorneys do not always deliver what they promise. We want the opportunity to earn each client’s trust by illustrating our work ethic, expertise, and professionalism from the first phone call to closing the case and every moment in between. We are dedicated to making the legal process as stress-free as possible.

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We Fight For Justice To Give You Peace Of Mind

Analyzing Your Case

Clients can take comfort knowing that Chmielowiec & Associates offers free consultations. Simply contact us by phone or email and we will schedule a phone or office consultation with one of our licensed attorneys. Our attorneys will research the case by analyzing accident reports, insurance claims, and other client documents to determine the best individual plan before ever signing a contract!

Client-First Approach

We realize that our clients are coming to us because they need help. Taking a client-first approach means that our team takes deep roots in solving each case. We are dedicated to quick response times, open communication, in-depth research, and client satisfaction. We know that our success lies in how satisfied our clients are. Our clients always come first.

An Organized Plan

Our attorneys create organized, executable plans for each client to fit their individual needs. We feel that it is important to keep our clients informed. We can never predict how the proceedings of a case will happen so in the event that plans need adjusting, we are sure to have constant communication with our clients to determine the next best step.

Network of Professionals

Chmielowiec & Associates has over 40 years of cumulative experience in criminal, family, and civil law! Our Attorneys proudly come from all walks of life. We truly believe that, diversity makes our team stronger and with that we know we can relate to all of our clients regardless of where they come from. Over the years we have built meaningful relationships with Houston’s best medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to ensure that, no matter our client’s struggle, we are able to provide them with top notch care.


We are not satisfied with a quick settlement offers. Our team is persistent and knowledgeable to ensure our clients get the maximum settlement. Our attorneys and paralegals feel that it is important that our clients make educated decisions so we guide our clients through each step of the case and new information as we come across it.


Our team exists to ease our clients’ stress, certainly not add to it. We accept all forms of legal insurance, including PIP’s (Personal Injury Protection), and work with insurance companies to ensure that our clients are always getting a fair rate. Unlike many other firms, we avoid billing for unnecessary expenses or unrealistic hours worked. We are happy to work with our clients on creative payment options like payment plans or wage withholdings. We also offer contingency-based fees on certain cases so our client will not have to worry about any upfront costs. Our clients our the bloodline of our company so we aim to exceed their expectations every opportunity possible.

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Our Team

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" When I called she actually answered the phone and discussed my case with me at the time. She had me send some paperwork over then called me the next day and told me she would accept my case. She told me she would have to file suit because the statute of limitations was about to run. She was very patient with my rants and always listened to me. She said she knew I was frustrated and it was something she helped people deal with because the justice system is very slow. It took 2 years but when she called and told me she had settled for policy limits I cried. I was about to settle for 10 percent of that just 2 years earlier. It was definitely work the wait. She was definitely worth the time.”
"I had been to 5 other attorneys. She is the one who got the job done and put closure on my case. I would go back to her in a heartbeat and I would recommend her as well."
"She is amazing! I read a review from an adoption client and totally disagree. She told me up front that she cannot always get to the phone so she recommends texts and emails because they come directly to her cell phone. She always responds within 24 hours but usually it is within a few minutes. She also delivers results. She got custody of my kids for me after my ex had kept them from me for 4 years. She accepts most legal insurance and was recommended by my HR. Several people at my office have used her and they love her as well."
“She treated us like people, not cases. She was upfront and honest. She didn't make any promises she couldn't keep. She took over a case another lawyer had botched and got us a better outcome than we could had hoped for. After we agreed to the settlement, she went back and pulled another 20% out of the other side. She just never stopped working for us.”
"Susie has provided valuable services over the course of our twenty plus year association and her dedication to her trade in commendable. Susie has in-depth training, experience and resource to provide clients with the best legal assistance and advice available."
"I hired her firm to handle a guardianship matter. She was so kind and compassionate. She clearly understood the emotional stress and pressure we were under. She told us what we could expect every step of the way even if it was not what we wanted to hear. Her honestly made it much easier to deal with the ups and downs of our case."
"Truly awesome service! Susie provided the best service to me and my family. Very responsive and knowledgeable; just a good firm all-around. Susie I didn’t get a chance to express this but I just had to share with everyone. Again, thanks!"
"Truly impressed with this group of women. This is the second wreck I've been in and I wish I used this firm the first time around!! She was so responsive and calmed me down when my nerves got the best of me. Thank you for getting me policy limits!!"

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